CES 2018: LG puts Google, Amazon and their own artificial intelligence on their TVs

The most surprising novelty of LG for this CES fair in Las Vegas is its new flexible screen. A prototype 65-inch TV that when not in use can hide in a box of small dimensions, rolled like a poster. It is a prototype and there are no plans to commercialize a model of these characteristics in a short time but it shows the way that screen technology can follow in the near future.

His other big announcement is likely to go unnoticed, although he clearly defines the trends of this edition of the fair. The Korean company has reached an agreement with Google and Amazon to install the virtual assistants of Amabas companies, Assistant and Alexa, on their televisions. They will not be available in all regions and do not have the same skills. Alexa, for example, will be more limited than Assitant when it comes to searching for content using voice commands. By skirting the minimum requirements for a multiple personality disorder, the company has integrated into its screens also its own routines that artificial intelligence, which has been baptized as ThinQ and that will be present in other products announced during the fair. The idea, regardless of the assistant or artificial intelligence function that is used, is the same. Users of LG’s new TVs, a collection that includes both OLED and LED technology displays, can use the voice to search for content or control other smart devices present at home.

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