Despite the scientific facts: Individuals still believe Earth is straight?

British astrophysicist Stuart Clark, author of the book “Unknown Universe,” explained to the Business Insider why individuals still believe the Earth is straight.

“It is very obvious that the Earth is not straight. You can check in many ways, for example, when boats leave the port and slowly disappear behind the horizon. Bathtubs climb to the top of the highest tower or hills and see more to the horizon.

Our entire physiognomy is created in accordance with a round planet, the world is three-dimensional. Even when images from the universe prove that our world is one globe, there are still people who believe that the Earth is straight.

We are human beings and we love stories because they give meaning to our lives, our world, give it meaning, even when they are incomprehensible. Science is, however, the only story that is true and which can prove its claim with experiments.

But, as we see, there are stories that can both exact science and the whole existence of the universe to question.

Such stories are far more complicated because people who believe in them reject reality, and even science, thanks to the comfortable myths they believe in. In their story they feel at home, myths make them happy because they know them.

The flat plate theory is one of them. If you really believe in it, then ask yourself a few questions. How thick is this plate?

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