Future in the Palm: We tested the clock with eSIM technology

Huawei Watch is the first device available in eSIM technology in Croatia, and it is a chip that is in the device itself and we no longer have to remove and modify the SIM card to make other gadgets online

One of the reasons why many of us do not want to wear smart watches is that we usually have to wear a cell phone so that the watch can be connected to the internet and can send us notifications, messages and track all of our activities. But today, besides clocks, we have a whole host of devices for which we need to take a SIM card or switch cards from one to another if we want to be online and with as few numbers as possible.

Thanks to eSIM technology, caring for physical cards becomes a thing of the past, and as devices do not have to have a SIM card slot, they become even more convenient. It is about replacing the chip in the device with the physical SIM card in that new generation, and everything that the user needs to do is download the eSIM profile wirelessly.

What you need to do first is to order a tariff or device with eSIM technology and then the user will get the activation QR code you will need at the end of the process. As Huawei’s clock runs on the Android Wear system, we first need to pair it with the phone to get all the data on the linked account over the clock and issue the necessary permissions. After that, it was also necessary to install the Huawei Wear application to connect the phone to Huawei’s services, and click here for the communication services, and the application will warn us to scan the QR code we received to download the eSIM profile clock. The whole process is pretty simple and after two minutes you’re ready to use the clock. Additionally, activation is facilitated by the fact that you do not have to wait for your SIM to arrive by mail because you can get QR code activation by mail.

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