Millions of believers paid tribute to Black Jesus in Manila

Millions of bourgeois believers participated in the largest procession of the dominant Catholic Philippine to give tribute to the centuries-old statue of the Black Jesus.

More than 6,000 policemen and soldiers secured a seven-mile procession in the center of Manila.

It is estimated that more than 2.5 million people participated in the procession, including several thousand, who spent the night in Manila, where the Black Nazarene was exposed on Monday.

Black Nazarene

The procession lasted 22 hours last year, but this year is going faster. More than a thousand people have so far requested medical attention because of dizziness, dehydration and injuries.

The wooden statue of Jesus with the crown of thorns, according to the belief, the Philippines was conveyed by the Spanish missionaries in 1606. The boat they were sailing had a fire, but the wooden statue, besides being darkened, remained undamaged and named the Black Nazarene.

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