New Photos Sahara fascinates the whole world: Desert dunes under a snowdrop

And while North America is struggling with unprecedented colds, snow and cyclonic storms, Australia is experiencing unbearable heat and temperatures up to 50 degrees.

Another unprecedented phenomenon, which is the result of extreme weather conditions, occurred today in the world’s most famous and hottest desert, the Sahara where snow fell.

The snow fell not far from the Algerian city of Ain Sefra, and covered the sands of dunes.

– When we woke up in the morning and saw that the snow was covered over again by Sahara, we were completely surprised. He stayed all day and started to melt about five o’clock, “said a local photographer who first recorded the photos.

Many people also reported on Twitter and expressed their surprise for the snow, but also warned that the current “global warming” would affect drying the desert and it could become the “green oasis”.

In December of 2016, the first snow in Sahara has fallen since 1979, however, much snow has fallen yesterday than last year and the height of the white blanket was close to 40 cm.

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