Schulz warns that if there is no grand coalition, Germany will repeat the elections

General mobilization to two days of a crucial vote for the future of Germany and also that of Europe. Barons of the SPD, trade unions and the leader of the party, Martin Schulz intensified, in the decisive final straight, his campaign in favor of a grand coalition with the conservative bloc. On Sunday, the SPD delegates will vote in an extraordinary Congress party if they authorize Schulz to open formal talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel. At this point, the party is still divided.

The first economy of the euro zone takes 117 days without a government and a coalition between Merkel’s center-right bloc (CDU / CSU) and the Social Democrats (SP), is emerging as the most viable option to set up a stable government in Berlin Almost four months ago, Merkel won the elections, but without a majority enough to form an Executive. Since then he has tried to forge an alliance that allows him to have a majority in Parliament.

The most left wing of the SPD and the youths (Jusos) are wary of an agreement that they consider would further sink the party that in September achieved its worst results since 1933. The SPD has governed eight of the last 12 years in grand coalition with Merkel and the Social Democrats blame their continued loss of votes to that alliance that they think does not allow them to clearly show the voter what their policies are. They also believe that the party can only undertake the necessary renewal in the opposition.

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